Our principals have over 25 years' experience in Investment Banking and have built divisions for major banks in the Middle East (HSBC, Credit Agricole) and in London (HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland).  Our expertise covers international markets such as the United Kingdom, US, Europe, Japan, the Middle East as well as Emerging Markets.

Our core strength is our institutional investor network in the Middle East – “they know us” as well as “we know them”.

We advise our clients, which are corporations and fund managers that are seeking capital, to tailor their offering to fit with the requirements of Middle Eastern institutional investors.

We understand the Middle Eastern investors' processes, how they do business and their business models – built over 20 years in the region.

We are independent and discreet; this gives our clients peace of mind.

We are not focused on short term profits so can take a long term view on relationships with our clients and investors.

As a result of this approach, we have successfully forged relationships with US and European financial institutions and corporations.

Sovereign Gulf's network of investors in the Middle East A Core Strength

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